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Hey there! Thanks for stopping by! In a nutshell, since performing in a rose-themed pageant at the age of 3, the art of storytelling has always been my true home, specifically in the form of acting. Tragedy was a common thread throughout my childhood and I turned to storytelling to handle the turmoil and find my voice. So, I threw myself into years of theatre, dance, playwriting, singing, painting and more. Any way I could creatively story tell I wanted to be involved. loved it and it was what enabled me to not only survive, but thrive.


Fast forward to today. Due to years of active hard work and constant evolution, the meaning of storytelling and its purpose for me has shifted. What once was very much an outlet that served as a safe haven has become more of a platform to reach others in a meaningful way. Whether I'm acting, filmmaking, motivational speaking, etc., my focus now is to inspire growth and action in others that brings awareness and a new point of view. It's also to help people feel that when they're on a journey with me, they're not alone.

Because I know first hand how the creative arts can save lives, I want to actively help in that process any way I can. I'm deeply passionate about inspiring through innovative educational art forms and giving a strong voice to those who often go unheard. These are some reasons I have branched out into other areas of filmmaking, including casting, lighting, and associate producing, as well as, writing, directing, editing and producing my own work.

Currently, I am producing a documentary in pre-production, as well as a self-written short film that is in development.

Additionally, I host stress and anxiety management workshops for Actors to navigate the industry in ways that work for them. Most recently, I began a Youtube Channel, The Crowned Survivalist, to help ALL OF US walk through the COVID-19 pandemic empowered and our best selves.

Here's My Bio

Vanessa Meadows is a professional actress (SAG-AFTRA), filmmaker, and speaker. She has been performing for over 25 years and currently has a short film and documentary in development. Theatre-based, she has been involved in more than 60 productions with leading roles on both the stage and screen, including, most-recently, the role of Eva Peron in EVITA!. She has been involved in front of and behind the camera on projects such as the award-winning film, “TRI” and Netflix’s “House of Cards.” Vanessa’s passion for creating positive change in the industry and beyond is a constant motivator for her in both her work and personal life. She previously spoke on a Women In Film panel during the 2019 Toronto Film Festival, was the Keynote Speaker at Catholic University's 2019 Cardinal Reels Student Film Festival to discuss creating a safer entertainment industry and co-produced an event for the nonprofit, Artists United, during the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. In 2018, she began hosting workshops for actors that focus on a sustainable approach to the actor’s life and currently has a Youtube channel, "The Crowned Survivalist," to help empower others on their journey with stress and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic.


I believe entertainment should not only represent where we are as a society, but also reflect where we should be. Big or small, we should be striving to create a healthy impact every day, in any way possible.


Some other passions that I actively pursue are: Community Outreach, Singer/Songwriting, Eating Awesome Food, Historical Research, Group Fitness Instruction (SCW), travel, and a non-profit that I founded, beCause Parties, who's purpose is to provide and host memorable birthday parties for underprivileged youth!

To see more of what I'm up to, check me out on the Gram!

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