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- The Living Actor Series -

A Balanced Approach to the Actor's Life

TheLivingActor-Memorization Intensive 2.
Proud to Announce this Workshop is part of the
Spring 2019 SAG-AFTRA Conservatory Program!
Workshop Synopsis

Do you look forward to memorizing your lines? Do you find it easy to do?

As an actor, your answer just might be, "Mmmm, no." We get it! If you're like a lot of actors, seasoned or green, you're hitting this hurdle every time you get an audition. You just can't seem to figure it out.

It's beyond frustrating.

That's where this 3 hour workshop-intensive comes in!

Here, you'll come away with a unique variety of memorization  strategies that will not only help you learn your lines more efficiently, but will also guide you to your character faster, help you become more self-aware, increase your confidence, & make auditions more fun!


After all, acting is supposed to be enjoyable!


At a Glance

. The Brain & How It Reacts Under Stress
. Identifying Your Memorization Roadblocks
. Effective & Approachable Memorization Strategies 
. Putting these Skills to Use
. Learning What Works for You!
. Q & A


Host, Actress, Instructor & Speaker

Actress, Instructor, & Speaker, Vanessa Meadows, has been acting and performing for over 25 years. Throughout her career she has been involved in over 50 productions on both the stage and screen and has taught musical theater (Syracuse Children's Theater), been a casting assistant on an award-winning film (TRI), produced and much more. Wanting to maintain a sustainable & enjoyable acting career motivated her to master a healthy mindful approach to her craft and life. Over the years, her experience, research and training has equipped her with creative, healthy and effective tools to manage and enjoy both. And, in addition to acting, she has become a fitness instructor, ‘health-esteem’ coach and speaker. She will share her proven methods at this workshop and provide efficient, sustainable, real-world strategies you, too, can apply to your own life and career!

Have Fun & Increase Your Confidence!

Register Today!

As this workshop is being offered through the SAG-AFTRA Conservatory, it is, therefore, offered to SAG-AFTRA members exclusively.

* This workshop is currently Sold Out. Click the 'Register' button above to Join the Waitlist *

Can't wait to see you there! - Vanessa

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