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- The Living Actor Series-

A Balanced Approach to the Actor's Life

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Workshop Synopsis

As actors, we've all been there. The ups and downs of our industry can make us feel unstable, unsure, confused, overwhelmed. We question how to move forward when often we feel we're moving backwards or no where at all.


Effectively managing our careers can seem impossible. We get it!

"Managing It All" is about structuring and approaching your career in a way that's organizationally, motivationally, and sustainably efficient for you! We'll cover pertinent cognitive-based strategies, multiple proven goal-setting actions, and more!


At a Glance

. Overcoming Stress & Anxiety

. Audition Room Tactics


. Goal-Setting & Organizational Strategies

. Balancing Career and Life

. Strategies for Success


. Much More!


Who Should Attend?

All actors with any level of experience are encouraged to attend as a healther, more efficient, and sustainable approach to one’s career is beneficial to all.


What To Expect

Other than life changing ah-ha moments and delicious cookies... This workshop will be co-hosted by Vanessa Meadows and Dennis Marburger and will consist of presentation

intermixed with attendee participation and Q&A.


Participants are asked to bring a notebook and writing utensil

(snacks & drinks will be provided)



Instructor, Health-Esteem Speaker & Actress

Vanessa Meadows is a professional actress (SAG-AFTRA), story-teller and a creative. She has been acting, singing and performing for over 25 years. With an intense passion for learning, she has taught musical theater, film acting, been a casting and personal assistant to casting director Kimberly Skyrme, produced, edited and much more. Along with leading roles on the stage and screen, she has been involved both in front of and behind the camera on productions such as the award-winning film, “TRI”, Netflix’s “House of Cards”, self-created ‘Docu-Tours’, and multiple short and feature length films. Driven by her years of experience and a life-long devotion to community empowerment, Vanessa provides cognitive-based, goal-setting workshops that center on strengthening the foundation of an actors’ career by employing specific and sustainable actions for increased joy, longevity, and success.


She is excited to be co-hosting this latest workshop with fellow actor, Dennis Marburger!


Dennis Marburger

Corporate Motivational Coach & Actor

Dennis Marburger has been acting and singing for nearly 50 years! His loves of both art forms lead him to achieve a BA Theater degree in college. After college, Dennis' career focus was in Business Management, where he spent a large percent of his time in training, coaching/development, and motivational speaking roles. Performing in numerous community theater organizations throughout his entire life, Dennis has accumulated 48 theatrical credits to his name. Since moving into a full-time on-camera acting career 3 years ago, he has added over 50 on-camera credits.  He is now pursuing a full-time TV, Film, Commercial, Industrial, Hosting, Spokesperson, & Voice-Over career! Dennis is excited to combine his many years of training exposure in the business world, along with his lifelong acting experience, to bring his love of mentoring others to this workshop!

Recenter Your Career with These Proven Strategies!


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