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Learn Innovative Tips to Revolutionize Your Health-Esteem in this Empowering Workshop to Conquer Your Stress!



At a Glance:

Are you stressed sometimes? Does life feel like a Yoyo? Does stress overwhelm you? Do you have a loved one in need, but don’t know how to help them with their anxiety? Is your life go, go, go?

If so, this workshop is for you! We all experience stress, long term and short term. Life can be messy. Sometimes we need effective tips we can count on to work for us. Here, we will cover a variety of quick, effective, and innovative approaches that can revolutionize how you handle stress and communicate with loved ones in need. 


You'll be able to use these skills instantly and consistantly to live in more peace, joy, and balance!



All Are Welcome:

Whether you’re living with anxiety, wanting to help a loved one, or you just feel like learning something new, you are welcome!




Some of What You'll Experience: 

  • Instant Tips on How to THRIVE, Not Just Survive

  • How the Brain Reacts to Stress & What to Do About it

  • Essential Oils 101 with Guest Speaker, Shannon Kitchen

  • How to Prevent and Stop Panic Attacks In You or Someone Else

  • Helping Loved One’s Who Live in Anxiety




Saturday, September 22, 2018, 12-3pm


Freedom Fitness- 1950 Dickenson Rd, Eldersburg, MD 21784






Reserving Your Spot:

Only 15 Spots Available!

Secure Your Spot Today with a Donation of Any Size (Suggested Donation $25)! Click the REGISTER button above! 

Donations Aid in the Offset of Costs So that Gatherings Like This Can Continue to be Donation-Based!

 *If you are in need of a Sign Language Interpreter, we welcome you! Please let us know at least two (2) days in advance so that we can make the proper arrangements at:



About the Speakers:


Host: Vanessa Meadows is a Certified Mental Health Speaker (NAMI). Whole-body wellness is important for everyone, especially as an actress where one’s body is their instrument. Being a professional actress (SAG-AFTRA) Vanessa is always looking to improve in all areas to perform at her best level. This was her inspiration to become more educated in a mind-body approach to living. Her love of education led her to become certified. Since 2015 she has volunteered her time as a "health-esteem" guide with those suffering from mental and emotional health concerns and has lead private workshops. Recently, she has begun to offer these services to the public. Vanessa is also the nonprofit founder of beCause parties!


Guest Speaker: Shannon Kitchen is a Wellness Educator for Young Living Essential Oils. At this workshop, Shannon will share the benefits that essential oils can have on stress-related issues including sleep, immunity, focus, mood, tummy troubles, respiratory issues, and more. She will also touch on how approaching physical and emotional wellness through more natural means might be an option to consider.


*Shannon will not be distributing or selling any products at this workshop. Her role is for educational purposes only.

*Due to an unexpected event, our former guest speaker, Tracy Cox, is unable to attend this workshop. We apologize for any inconvenience.





- What type of event is this?

This is a single-day condensed wellness workshop that focuses on learning efficient and effect ways to live less stressed and enjoy life more! All are welcome to attend as these "stress-hacks" are universal.

- What do I need to bring? 

Come with Friends, Wear Relaxed Attire and Bring an Item that Gives You Comfort

This event is all about feeling good. We welcome you to wear comfortable clothing and to bring an item that you find soothing (a trinket, photo, slippers, etc.). We will provide light refreshments.

- What are my parking options?

Free parking! There is a parking lot situated in front of the building. Simply park and head in. If the lot is full, there is additional parking located across the street at the Weis grocery store. If you choose to park there, please be careful crossing the road on foot.

- How can I ask questions ahead of time? 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions to


*This event is independant of NAMI

* In Partnership with Actors Taking Action

Some photos from the event!

Thank you, Freedom Fitness, for allowing

Featured: Understanding the brain under stress

Laughter is an awesome medicine _) Here’

Featured: Addressing the brain under stress. Theodore Logan, one of our ASL Interpreter's (right).

Our guest speaker, Shannon Kitchen, who

Featured (front): Our Guest Speaker, Shannon Kitchen, further explaining the benefit of essential oils.

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