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- The Living Actor Series -

A Balanced Approach to the Actor's Life 


As actors, we are quite familiar with ups and downs! Due to the nature of our careers and lives, we can sometimes feel worried, imbalanced, nervous, and more.


The common thread? Stress and anxiety.

Fortunately, there are easy steps we can take to address our woes!

Actors who attend this condensed workshop will come away with a clearer understanding of stress and anxiety as a whole, and empowered with innovative, acting-related, cognitive-based strategies to begin to successfully take control and enjoy their acting life even more!


At A Glance:

  • How to Better Manage Inner Stability as an Actor

  • An Uncomplicated Understanding of the Brain & Stress

  • Introduction to a Variety of Effective & Innovative Cognitive-based ‘Stress Hacks’

  • Strengthening Your Confidence, Sustainability, & Success

  • The Importance of Maintaining Good Balance as an Actor



Level Of Experience:

All actors with any level of experience are encouraged to attend as the importance of a healthier approach to one’s growing career is beneficial to all



Host, Actress, Instructor & Speaker

Actress, Instructor, & Speaker, Vanessa Meadows, has been acting and performing for over 25 years. Throughout her career she has been involved in over 50 productions on both the stage and screen and has taught musical theater (Syracuse Children's Theater), been a casting assistant on an award-winning film (TRI), produced and much more. Wanting to maintain a sustainable & enjoyable acting career motivated her to master a healthy mindful approach to her craft and life. Over the years, her experience, research and training has equipped her with creative, healthy and effective tools to manage and enjoy both. And, in addition to acting, she has become a fitness instructor, ‘health-esteem’ coach and speaker. She will share her proven methods at this workshop and provide efficient, sustainable, real-world strategies you, too, can apply to your own life and career!


Strengthen Your Career with These Proven Techniques!

Registration is Now Open through The Actors' Center

* All workshops/classes offered directly through Vanessa Meadows are priced to ensure anyone who wishes to attend may.

As this specific workshop is being offered through The Actors' Center, a 501 (c) (3), registration rates are set comfortably by The Actors Center through their site *

"I am proud & thankful to have the opportunity to work with The Actor's Center! Their mission & goals reflect many of the reasons I offers these workshops." - Vanessa


About The Actors' Center:

"The Actors' Center is a non-profit membership group for actors. Driven by the mission to help actors develop talent, realize new opportunities, and build their local industry network, AC membership includes access to the AC Lottery Auditions, free workshops, networking events, the AC Online Hotline which features audition announcements, classes, jobs, and discounts on shows and services, and more." - The Actors' Center Website

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