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"A true talent! Vanessa is the type of actress who is consumed with character. This results in unique, memorable auditions and performances! A joy to be around on and off camera, so much so that I not only cast her in a new comedy series, I wrote the role for her!"
-Kimberly Skyrme - Director | Writer | Casting Director -CSA



Hello. I've been kidnapped, chased by cannibals, sacrificed myself to save my son, run from a killer, walked on fire, framed my husband, & more.

On screen, that is...

Whether it's acting, producing, songwriting, or all of my many hats, everything I do revolves around making meaningful change in the lives of others.

Offscreen, I write & sing music, I'm an entrepreneur and own a unique feel-good group fitness studio in Maryland. I also host stress management workshops for actors. I tell jokes... mostly in passing.

In 2016, I founded beCause Parties, a nonprofit that provides meaningful, celebratory experiences to families in-need. This past year of 2024, we donated over 2,500+ holiday decor donations to those we serve!

All in all, I'm a driven creative, dedicated to serve through the art of storytelling.



*New meaning first ever, so kinda freaking out


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"Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength." -Sigmund Freud



Vanessa  Meadows


Interview with John Avildsen!
Vanessa Meadows
"Mother & Son" - Film
Vanessa Meadows
On the Panel
"American Museum"- Reality Show
Vanessa Meadows
"Bad Dogs"- Web Series
Civil War Reenacting!
Vanessa Meadows
Vanessa Meadows
Red Carpet for "TRI" Premiere!
Come on Down!!!
"Paradis.Io"- Film
Vanessa Meadows
Backstage with Rick!
"Talons of the Phoenix"- Film
"Talons of the Phoenix"- Film
Vanessa Meadows
Jimmy Velvet!
"Bad Dogs"- Web Series
"Mother & Son"- Film
Love to explore & travel! - Iceland!
Volunteering after Hurricane Harvey
"Receiver"- Film
Backstreet Boys!!!
House of Cards Open Call
"TRI"- Award-winning film!
MC for Spirit Fest- Belle Grove Plantation
The Domesticators- TV show
"Cats" the Musical
Vanessa Meadows



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